Oklahomans for Better Medicaid Continues to Support Managed Care Implementation Following Supreme Court Decision

(Oklahoma City, O.K., June 7, 2021) Though last week’s Oklahoma Supreme Court decision has delayed the state’s transition to Managed Care, Oklahomans for Better Medicaid will continue to advocate for its implementation as we believe Managed Care is the best avenue to improve Oklahoma’s health outcomes, deliver high-quality care to our most vulnerable populations, and return value to Oklahoma taxpayers. There are several variables to consider moving forward and Oklahomans for Better Medicaid urges policy-makers to swiftly transition to the Managed Care delivery model the Legislature authorized in Senate Bill 131.

Contact: Karma Robinson, Karma@grpro.com

About Oklahomans for Better Medicaid

Oklahomans for Better Medicaid is a multi-stakeholder group of organizations committed to building a better Medicaid system that improves access, quality, outcomes and affordability in Oklahoma. Our members include patient advocates, clinicians, community-based organizations, health care leaders and providers, health plans and others who are champions of Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care. Learn more at oklahomansforbettermedicaid.org.